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Spee-Dee offers reliable, economical overnight package delivery for more than 11,000 shippers throughout nine states. Our customers trust us to handle over 71,000 of their important packages every day. It doesn’t matter to us how big or small your business is, we will go the extra mile for you. Within our delivery territory, no destination is too remote. The majority of our deliveries are routine, but whether the delivery is to a desktop on the 20th floor, to a farm or even an island, no destination is too remote. Our drivers have been known to deliver packages directly to the recipient’s desk when requested. Our drivers have even helped out by opening the box and stocking the shelves upon completing an inside delivery. Where else will you find that kind of service?

And while we?re going the extra mile for you, you will find that Spee-Dee employees are friendly, hardworking, and dedicated. From the receptionists to the drivers and everyone in between, our employees have delivered the promise Donald Weeres made 40 years ago to give the customer unparalleled service at a lower cost.
Photos: Unloading Truck and truck in Superior National Forest
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