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Valuing a Partnership
Dear Friend,

It is important that we pause to acknowledge what has made Spee-Dee Delivery such a successful company.

It is people like you. As our loyal customer, you have chosen Spee-Dee over other delivery services. You have entrusted us with your business, and I promise that we will work hard to continue to earn your trust. We value the partnership we've built with you for 40 years, and we will redouble our efforts to service you even better over the next quarter of a century and beyond.

So thank you very much for letting us earn your trust and your business. It is my pledge to you that Spee-Dee will continue to innovate, grow, and improve our services to better meet your needs in the future.

While we have come a long way, the ride has just begun. We’re fastening our seatbelts. We’ve got places to go and packages to deliver, thanks to you.

Donald M. Weeres
Photos: Unloading Truck and truck in Superior National Forest
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